The Rock And The River

by The Sun And The Moon

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Dallas Thornton - Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Keys
James Beer - Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Piano
Forrest Raup - Drums


released September 24, 2013

Written, Recorded and Mixed by The Sun And The Moon
Mastered at In Your Head Productions - Denver, CO
Album Cover and Back painted by Henry Beer
Booklet Design by The Sun And The Moon



all rights reserved


The Sun And The Moon Boulder, Colorado

The Sun And The Moon are a Colorado-based band currently studying at The Berklee College of Music in Boston.

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Track Name: I Had A Dream
I had a dream
The other night
The other night
I went a’ walking to catch that dream
When I awoke
The other night
She was missing from my bed

Where she goes
Where she goes
No one knows

How I awoke
The other night
She was slipping like the sand
Through my hands
For my eyes they had fallen in my sleep
Don’t you ever take your eyes off of a dream
Track Name: Geneva
Never knowing where I’m going
Don’t remember where I’m coming from
Always I am wandering

And once I’ve lost my way that day
I will never see the same and sunshine
Will help me chase my fear
My darkest love

If you want to come along
Then you can come alone

Ever-growing never knowing
What the moment holds inside of me
Always burning down these old ways

It’s all been set before us
For us to set on fire
It’s burning down
We’re burning up from it all
To light the night away

If you want to come along
Then you can come alone
Track Name: Ink On The Page
Take it down with your own hand
It’s the ink on the page that you love
And live without
A trace of doubt
Believe what you dream is truth
To use and live and die by
A wide eye that’s you
Carry your gift of endless question
And give by making ask

Ask who you are
Ask for the truth
Ask for the one thing they can’t give you
Answer with soul
Take up a role
Live as the only one who’s grateful
And full of life

Make it up from what you have
It’s the only thing that you can know
And understand
This land is your own
And all that you see and feel
Is made to make or break you
And take you back home
So if it seems that no one matters
All those who matter most

Will ask who you are
Ask for the truth
Ask for the one thing they can’t give you
Answer with soul
Take up a role
Live as the only friend who’s faithful
And full of life
We don’t cast shadows
We shed light
On all we love and long to find
And in our head we hold our heart
Which only can be just as strong
As the weakest part of all that you believe
Even if you’re wrong
Track Name: Never Come Down
Life makes me weightless enough
For my own good intentions were wrong
And I slipped upside down
Now that I’ve moved in my mind
It’s time for the show to go on
And this mistaken hero’s taken time
To replace what’s gone
And now that I know
Now that my own imagination’s been untied from
The lowest life where highest highs are home

Anything I give
I give like the sun
Never fade for the work’s never done
And every day I make my way
To wake in the world I want
And never come down
Always we’re blooming
Never end it or suspend it
In anything that keeps you on the ground
Anything I give...

Now that I’ve grown
Now that I know
Now that I’m high all on my own
I’ll never come down
And always believe
that I can receive and break an enemy
And everything I put in and got out
Will shape up the way I live without
The vice in a lifetime
The light of a young mind
Learning to live and live without
Track Name: Carry My Song
I like the way the sunshine blows my mind
The way the wind kisses me back with every breath

Sometimes I cry

Sea winds
Carry my song
Carry me home

I like the way the moonlight pulls my tide
The way the sweat tickles my skin
Makes me high
High as the sunshine
In love with the moonlight

Sometimes I cry

Sea winds
Carry my song
Carry me home
Track Name: Timeless
When you look back what will you see
Of yourself and your beliefs
Oh my lord
I can’t endure the timeless times
That you make your everything

If you only need to be right
On your own terms let me know
Let me go
Dance on my own
I don’t need a reason
To live and to love again

Take a piece of me
Take it all away
Make a feeling stay
When the moment fades

When you put yourself in a place
Of your own you’ll find your home
Make the most of every moment
And timeless times
And live just to love again

My life
Marked by the moments I tried


When the moment fades
Track Name: Fool In The Night
It isn’t fair but God knows that it’s right
I’m high as a kite
Searching the night for somebody to love
...or at least lust over... and over again

It isn’t safe but God knows that it’s sound
To get around
Now all I need is a cloud
to rest my rain on... and on and on and on

Well, it’s hard to see the fool in the night
But if you try you can make out his outline
Those nights on ice will make you blind
But every time it seems worth a try

There’s nothing to say but there’s a message to send
On the other end
There’s a fiend looking not to be friends
Empty-handed again... and again and again and again

Once I was a fool in the night
How I tried, how I tried
Once I was a fool in the night
Track Name: Pathetic Notions
Locked out again
The fearful one’s broken in
To claim his place of self-importance
So now I sing

Only when I sing
Am I wandering on the right path
Only when I sing

I can’t be broken
Like the driftwood
That the river sweeps away
I can’t be broken
Less’ my breaking
Will lead me on the right path

Now I’m here
Dancing on the outside
Where I can be the sky you only pray to
Now hear me sing


And if I decide to
take just one step above the earth
I’ll feel it till’ it hurts
And if you break within a dream
It’ll always be a dream
But you never wake up

Pathetic notions
Are all my eyes can see
Track Name: In The End
In the end you’re only what you feel
In the end

Place yourself on the edge
Make your way and live your life
In the end

I can’t say what you need
Your belief is your godsend
In the end you’re only what you feel
In the end

And in the meantime
I’ll wash away this taste of love
And fill that space with lust and must-haves
A simple taste
In the end

In the end you’re only what you feel
In the end

What you say and what you mean
Makes the man you want to be
In the end


In the end you’re only what you feel
In the end
Track Name: High Over The Moon
I don’t want to have to reach so far
To get high anymore
The right way is not the right way
It’s just the long way

I don’t need to kneel to hold holy water
This liquid in my veins that I share with my father
I can’t decide if it’s worth the divide
Between the paradise and the prison

Wilted like a broken silhouette of brittle weeping-willow
Hinged on the hand of the haunted and the damned
In the middle of a riddle it’ll come up when you come down
Is a vice what a life is all about?

Lying over the moon
Life on hold
Holding on to my vices
All that life is anymore

Goodbye to it all